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Welcome to the Republican Committee of Lonoke County

Your home for limited government, family values and a beleif in a strong national defense. From the preamble of our party’s platform. The Lonoke County Republican Commitee represents the values of the majority of the citizens of Lonoke County.

We believe in the power and freedom of individuals. We oppose all efforts to replace that power with undue governmental control. Our nation was founded on faith in God, family, country, and freedom. Efforts to modify or replace these core values erode the foundations of our society for future generations.

The United States is a democratic republic governed by elected representatives. These Representatives must honor the original meaning of our Constitution, and must protect the inalienable rights of the American people as stated in the Bill of Rights.

The LCRC is strong, principled and conservative. It is the Party that should lead the County of Lonoke. We want to represent every facet of American society, not by patronage but by principle, and not by dividing interests but by serving the good of all.

Membership in the LCRC is open to all citizens residing in our County who share the values and beliefs expressed in this document. We recognize a duty to include all who share these values and beliefs, making a special effort to welcome and involve those from groups not traditionally associated with our Party.


The committee meets the fourth Monday of every month at Grandpa’s Barbecue 1802 South Pine Street Cabot AR.